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Replacing roof tiles with Colorbond Roofing is the most common reroof we do.

There can be pitfalls in renovating but having completed a lot of these over the years, we know the common things to look for to make the process as easy as possible.

There are numerous advantages to changing from tiles to Colorbond including;

  • Temperature inside the home – Tiles tend to absorb the heat during the day, then of an evening that heat radiates down into the home. Colorbond roofs see the heat dissipate as the sun’s temperature drops, in the same way car panels cool very rapidly when the sun goes behind a cloud.
  • Resistance to damage from hailstorms – tiles become brittle as they age and are easily broken in severe hailstorms as experienced many times in Sydney. Colorbond will at worst be creased by severe hailstorms but will not break, which avoids the issue that can happen with tiles when water then enters through the broken tiles and ruins gyprock ceilings, furniture, carpet and flooring, personal effects and electrical items.
  • Appearance – many just simply prefer the look of Colorbond and with 20 odd colours to choose from you can select a colour that brings your home to life.
  • Durability – BlueScope Steel will warrant their material for up to 36 years subject to normal conditions. There are also premium grade materials available for homes built in coastal marine or highly corrosive areas
  • Low pitch roofs – concrete tiles are not recommended below 15 degrees. Colorbond has a variety of different roof sheets that can be used down to a 1 degree pitch

The services we provide when reroofing include;

  • Removal of the tiles from the roof into skip bins and then to appropriate waste facilities
  • Installation of new metal roof battens to ensure structural integrity of the new roof
  • Roofing insulation blanket under the sheets to minimise noise from the rain and provide maximum possible insulation benefits
  • Replacing existing gutters and downpipes.
  • Repairing or replacing any damaged or rotted timber fascia boards
  • Colorbond capping over timber fascia boards
  • Replacing or refurbishing skylights
  • Leafguard system to reduce maintenance, prevent entry of pests such as; birds, possums and snakes
  • Leafguard and insulation wrapping to comply with Australian Standard for Bushfire up to BAL-40
  • Roof edge protection system for the safety of workers on the roof
  • Scaffold for difficult access areas or additional roof edge protection